TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head

  • Benefits

    ​Replacing the head of an existing wirecut machine with the latest Baker Perkins TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head offers best-in-class weight accuracy, user-friendly operation and superior access for maintenance and cleaning.

    This new head was designed to be compliant with the sanitary standards recommended by the Grocery Manufacturers Association (GMA) and is engineered to match product and speed ranges specific to the customer’s requirements.

    The die and filler block are supported on fixed rails thus ensuring easy installation and removal from the control side of the machine. The head is lowered into position by means of a patented clam shell arrangement. Precise clearances between the feed rolls and filler block are achieved by filler block rest pads on each side of the feed rolls that assure uniform dough pressure to give consistent product weights across the machine.

    Upgrade Benefits

    • Improved weight control
    • Reduced dough leakage
    • Hygienically designed for superior sanitation
    • Shorter cleaning times and faster product changeovers
    • Direct drives eliminate hygiene and maintenance problems with gears and chains
    • Head is removable for cleaning
    • Utilizing the existing wirecut base and control panel minimizes downtime and cost

    Standard Sanitation Features

    While designing for the highest possible levels of hygienic operation, Baker Perkins’ engineers have recognized that the risks are not the same in every instance and that customization is required.

    Two levels of hygienic design are offered allowing bakers to choose the one that best matches the sensitive cross-contact risks they face and the cleaning protocols they use:

    Sanitation Level 1: Dry or wet cloth cleaning for no cross-contact risks

    Sanitation Level 2: Low pressure wet and chemical cleaning including sanitizer to eliminate allergens, pathogens, genetically modified organisms (GMO), etc.

    Product Zone & Non-Product Components:

    • Sanitation Level 1 - mild steel - coated or painted
    • Sanitation Level 2 - 304 stainless steel

    Direct Drive Motors:

    • Sanitation Level 1 - non-washdown motors
    • Sanitation Level 2 - washdown motors rated for IP55


    • Sanitation Level 1 - single sealed bearings
    • Sanitation Level 2 - double sealed bearings

    Other Features:

    • Stainless steel guarding
    • Sloped surfaces for drainage and use of stand-offs for cleaning access
    • Joints are continuously welded
    • Hollow areas sealed or eliminated
    • No liquid collection points
    • Minimal exposed screw threads
  • Build Options

    Baker Perkins offers the following options for replacing the head of an existing wirecut machine with the latest Baker Perkins TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head:

    1. Add new Aftermarket Wirecut Head to the existing Wirecut base
    2. Rebuild existing Wirecut base and add new Aftermarket Wirecut Head
    3. Supply new Werner Wirecut™ base with new Aftermarket Wirecut Head (max speed = 130 cuts per minute)
    4. Supply new TruClean™ Wirecut (max speed = 200 cuts per minute)


    • The new head reuses the existing control panel on wirecut machine, including the feed roll inverter drive
    • Includes hopper and guard safety switches to be integrated into the customer's safety circuitry

    Filler Block

    • Ensures consistent product weight accuracy across band
    • Less giveaway, less waste and fewer packaging problems
    • Quickly and easily removed for cleaning and changeover
    • Permits reusing the existing filler blocks with a filler block adaption kit in most applications
  • Sanitation Features

    Head Frame

    • Fully welded construction with continuous sanitary welds

    Seal-for-Life Bearings

    • Easy access for changing and includes an additional bearing seal for protection

    Leveling Pads

    • Allows for quick installation on the existing base frame

    Feed Rolls

    • Feed rolls with fixed gap help achieve best-in-class weight control
    • Tool-free removal of hopper for quick cleaning of feed rolls

    Static End Plates

    • Provide accurate seating of filler block to eliminate leakage from hopper
    • Easily removed for cleaning
    • Protect bearings from contamination

    Clamshell Head

    • Rapid removal of die and filler block enables easy cleaning and quick changeover with no tools required
    • Opening of clamshell is hydraulically operated by heavy-duty cylinders
    • Removal of upper head assembly allows washroom cleaning - more thorough than cleaning on the machine and prevents overspray onto adjacent equipment


    • Straight-sided hopper helps to avoid bridging and maintain even weight control across the band
    • Removable without tools for easy cleaning and access to rolls
    • Interlocked for safety


    • Direct drives eliminate hygiene and maintenance problems with gears and chains
    • Hygienic design minimizes debris accumulation
    • Outboard location eliminates guards where debris could collect
    • Washdown motors available (Level 2)
Technical Bulletin: TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head

Technical Bulletin: TruClean™ Aftermarket Wirecut Head

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