Hard Sweet Biscuits

Hard Sweet Biscuits schematic

1. High Speed Mixer

Dough is mixed with a unique, shafless mixing blade that ensures good dispersion of ingredients. Mixed dough is automatically discharged into a dough feed system or tub. In many facilities, the mixer is located on the floor above the main line: mixed dough is discharged into the dough feed through a floor chute.

2. TruClean™ Three Roll Sheeter

Dough is fed into the three-roll sheeter, which forms a compacted sheet of constant thickness and density. This ensures a consistent and even sheet is fed to the gauge rolls.

3. TruClean™ Gauge Rolls

Achieve and maintain the desired thickness of a sheet of dough.

4. TruClean™ Rotary Cutter

A pair of engraved rolls emboss then cut dough pieces from a continuous sheet.

5. Oven

Direct Gas Fired Oven: radiation heating plus optional turbulence
TruBake™ Oven: convection heating
Hybrid Oven: combines the most appropriate heat transfer method

  • Hard Sweet Biscuits

    Baker Perkins is a world leader in the supply of automated production lines for the production of hard sweet biscuits. We offer a series of best-in-class unit machines in each key technology, from mixing through to presentation to the wrapping equipment; more than a century of experience provides us with an unrivalled ability to combine them into profitable, efficient, flexible systems.

    The sheet and cut process is traditionally used on hard and semi-sweet products such as Marie and Petit Beurre biscuits, although there is increasing cross over into enzyme raised crackers, baked snacks and softer dough products where a lighter texture is needed.

    Baker Perkins' TruClean™ sheet forming and cutting lines are able to process a wide range of dough types, including crackers, snack crackers and hard sweet biscuits. Production lines may be configured to suit laminated or straight sheeted process requirements - or both, if the unique combination laminator is used.

    Laminated and sheeted products are gauged to the chosen thickness, relaxed, and then embossed and cut before passing into the oven. The scrap lattice is typically returned to the laminator / sheeter for reprocessing.

    Baker Perkins offer a comprehensive oven range, allowing the oven specification to match the baking process of the biscuits to be produced. A Direct Gas Fired (DGF) Oven or TruBake™ Oven can be chosen for hard sweet biscuit baking. The TruBake™ Oven makes major savings for biscuit makers in bake time, capital cost and energy. It also provides significant quality, consistency and reliability benefits by creating a dependable and stable airflow within the chamber.

    Many of today’s hard sweet biscuit systems use a hybrid oven. This features a DGF element at the start when the process is critical, and radiant heat without turbulence is preferred. The DGF module is followed by a TruBake™ section.

  • Required Equipment
    Mixing & Dough Feed  





    High Speed Mixer

    Dough Feed Systems

    Power Dough Feeder

    Sheet Forming & Cutting  





    TruClean™ Three Roll Sheeter

    TruClean™ Gauge Roll

    TruClean™ Rotary Cutter


    Baking & Handling  




    Direct Gas Fired Oven

    TruBake™ Convection Oven

    Hybrid Oven

    Biscuit Handling Systems

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks

Brochure: Biscuits, Cookies, Crackers, Bars & Snacks

Hard Sweet Biscuit Products

Hard Sweet Biscuit Products

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The Die Experts

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Biscuit, Cookie & Cracker Innovation Centres

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