Commercial Bread Making Equipment

Baker Perkins' commercial bread making equipment for high-output tin and pan bread plant bakeries is designed in collaboration with bakers to maximize quality and minimize cost. Gentle dough handling arising from innovative design, combined with the latest control technology, produces bread at new levels of consistency and excellence.

This generation of machinery is the result of continual collaboration with bakers, backed by Baker Perkins’ process knowledge based on a century of involvement with the industry. Gentle treatment is identified by bakery industry research into dough rheology to be a significant contributor to superior product excellence and value. Throughout the world, experience in tough production environments shows that the objectives of improved consistent quality, reduced ingredient costs and a clean label can all be achieved simultaneously.

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Fully Integrated Mixing

The complete, fully-integrated Tweedy™ dough mixing system is automated from ingredient weighing to dough delivery to the divider, virtually eliminating routine operator intervention and inconsistency.

The patented Baker Perkins pressure-vacuum mixing process is key to cost-saving and quality-enhancing benefits including increased yield, improved crumb colour and softness, longer shelf life and a reduction in ascorbic acid.

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Precise Forming

At the forming stage, the Baker Perkins Accurist2.1™ divider, conical rounder and Multitex4™ moulder minimize stress and damage to the dough through gentle handling.

The integrity of the dough structure is preserved, giving a loaf with higher value and consumer appeal. There is an increase in loaf volume, better colour, increased resilience and greater softness.

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Dust Free Production

This high speed, high quality and low cost process is free of flour dust.

Designing the process without the need for flour dusting has created a machine that is free from dough build-up, sticking or smearing. Being able to sheet and mould without the use of any dusting flour eliminates a significant health hazard and reduces operational, cleaning and maintenance costs.

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