IHIS Nutrition- 6th Regional Confectionery Conference - Belgrade, Serbia

IHIS Nutrition- 6th Regional Confectionery Conference - Belgrade, Serbia

Baker Perkins will be sponsoring and attending IHIS Nutrition's 6th Regional Confectionery Conference at the Holiday Inn Hotel, Španskih boraca 74, New Belgrade, on 24th May.

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Regional sales manager for Italy and Eastern Europe Ekaterina Krakovskaya will be attending and displaying samples of the wide variety of confectionery made possible by the starch-free cooking and depositing process.

High-output lines

Baker Perkins supplies complete high-output lines for the full range of hard and soft sugar confectionery – jellies and gummies, hard candy and lollipops, toffee and caramel, fondant and fudge.

A superior, glossy appearance, high clarity and rapid flavour release with a smooth 'mouth feel' are some of the advantages created by depositing. Colours are more vibrant while the servo-controlled depositing process enables a variety of patterns, such as layers, stripes and swirls as well as hard and soft fillings, to be dialled in at the touch of a button. This creates the potential for an almost unlimited product variety to stimulate and sustain the interest of consumers.

New starch-free depositor for gummies and jellies

Baker Perkins has introduced a new starch-free depositor for gummies and jellies. The ServoForm™ Flexi is ideal for the rapidly growing functional, nutraceutical and healthcare markets, with sports nutrition and pharmaceutical potential, as well as conventional confectionery.

This new machine solves problems associated with conventional starch moulding - high costs, poor hygiene, and for the growing functional and markets, the impossibility of validation.

The ServoForm™ Flexi offers the hygiene and simplicity of the starch-free process, with the long setting times and versatility associated with starch moguls. Two machines are available: a single depositing head gives output up to 125,000 pieces at 500kg/hour; a longer machine with two heads can produce up to 250,000 pieces at 1000kg/hour.

The ServoForm™ Flexi extends the output capability of batch depositors with a significant increase beyond the ServoForm™ Mini, a highly versatile 60kg/hour line which can produce hard candies, jellies and gummies, toffees and lollipops - including high-value medicated or functional products.

Continuous starch-free plants for fast setting jelly and gummy formulations have been available for some time, but are not suitable for formulations needing long setting times. The ServoForm™ Flexi involves a batch/continuous operation with the moulds filled and stacked, and the product cooled and set before demoulding after anything from 10 minutes to several hours.

This process provides the flexibility to change product shape quickly and can utilise a wide range of gelling agents - gelatin, pectin, carrageenan or blends can all be accommodated.

The hygienic and accurate qualities of Baker Perkins cooking and starch-free depositing systems with consistently accurate weight and dosage control make them ideal for producing medicated and functional confectionery. Processes are reproducible and capable of validation, with the active ingredients present in precisely the quantities claimed.

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