PACK EXPO - Las Vegas, NV

PACK EXPO - Las Vegas, NV

Baker Perkins will focus on new technology for nutraceutical and healthcare confectionery, and TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) on Booth Su-7217 at Pack Expo in Las Vegas, September 27-29.

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Functional and pharmaceutical gummies

The range of delivery forms for gummies for the functional and pharmaceutical sectors has been extended with a new format – the gummy cap. The important difference is the incorporation of the active ingredient in a liquid or gel centre-filling instead of a gelatin gummy.

Gummy caps combine the appealing taste and texture of a gummy with the efficient delivery of a capsule and can be used in a wide range of nutraceutical and OTC healthcare products. This new delivery form reflects the rise in popularity of gummies for medicinal purposes.

Developed in response to growing demand for low output lines, ServoForm™ Mini 50 kg/hr systems incorporate a cooker, ServoForm™ Mini depositor and cooling capability. They produce high-value functional gummies or medicated hard candies as well as standard confectionery including toffees and lollipops.
Both batch and continuous lines are available: over 90 systems have been sold in three years since launch, and the first ServoForm™ Mini depositing system to offer continuous automatic production has recently been delivered to a customer in North America.

The system is ideal for low-volume, high-value production environments, or to produce short runs/large batches for research, product development and test marketing purposes. Based on Baker Perkins’ proven ServoForm™ depositing technology, ServoForm™ Mini depositors have the same specifications as the full-size equivalent for precise scale-up.

Texturized Vegetable Proteins

Baker Perkins has developed twin-screw extrusion technology to produce TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) using both High Moisture Extrusion Cooking (HMEC) and Low Moisture (LMEC) processes.

TVP, used in various forms as a meat substitute and extender since the 1960s, is currently seeing dramatic growth. Completely meat-free TVP products are welcomed by those following vegan and vegetarian diets for ethical reasons, their use as extenders by environmentally-concerned or health-conscious consumers.

HMEC offers a much improved fibrous consistency and texture than conventional TVP made using a LMEC process. The texture of HMEC TVP convincingly replicates the natural structure, texture and mouth-feel of meat.

Standard twin-screw extruder technology is used for the complex HMEC process, with a special die creating the final product.

We offer standard recipes utilising a variety of different proteins including soy, pea and wheat; beans, lentils and other pulses can also be used. We will also investigate the use of any protein, either for HMEC - commonly used for burger, ground/minced meat and chicken piece substitutes; or for LMEC - typically for sausages, meat balls and chicken nuggets.

Dry TVP produced by LMEC has been used as a meat substitute or extender for many years; it is usually supplied as bulk dry ingredients to manufacturers who rehydrate them before incorporating into products such as burgers, sausages, meatballs and prepared dishes. Conventional dry TVP has a long shelf life, and can be manufactured, dried and sold in bulk for processing.

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