Plant Based World Conference and Expo - New York, NY

Plant Based World Conference and Expo - New York, NY

Baker Perkins will be exhibiting at the Plant Based World Conference and Expo at the Javits Center, New York City, September 8 - 9, 2022. We will be sharing the Schenck Process booth #224.

We will focus on recent process developments for dry TVP (Texturized Vegetable Protein) - produced by Low Moisture Extrusion Cooking (LMEC) and High Moisture Meat Analogues (HMMA).

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New LMEC process for dry fibrated TVP

A new LMEC process for dry fibrated TVP using high protein ingredients creates a product with fibrous structure and firm texture for conventional applications such as burgers, sausages, meat balls and mince, plus use as chunks in soups, sauces and ready meals. The cost of this process is lower than with High Moisture Meat Analogues.

Dry TVP has been used as a meat substitute or extender for many years. It is usually supplied as bulk dry ingredients to manufacturers who rehydrate them before incorporating into products such as burgers, sausages, meatballs and prepared dishes. Conventional dry TVP has a long shelf life, and can be manufactured, dried and sold in bulk for processing.

HMMA offers a much improved fibrous consistency and texture than conventional LMEC. The texture of HMMA convincingly replicates the natural structure and mouth-feel of meat and is used for completely meat-free substitute products.

Baker Perkins’ SBX extruders can process a variety of different proteins including soy, pea and wheat; beans, lentils and other pulses can also be used. Baker Perkins also develops recipes for customers’ own chosen protein taking into account local taste and flavor profile preferences as well as ingredient availability.

TVP in various forms has been used as a meat substitute since the 1960s. It is also used as a meat extender in conjunction with real meat in products aimed at environmentally-concerned or health-conscious consumers. Most products currently being launched are completely meat-free for vegans and vegetarians, but there is significant acceleration in the market for extenders among consumers willing to cut down on meat for environmental or health reasons, but unwilling to compromise on taste and texture.

Integrated system capability

An integrated, complete system is now achievable by combining Baker Perkins and Schenck Process equipment. Schenck capabilities including bag receiving, mixing, pneumatic conveying, automatic feed hopper refill and pneumatic take-off supplement the Baker Perkins extrusion system.

The result is an automated line from ingredient feed to packaging: this capability covers the full range of products made on Baker Perkins extruders including the recent developments for TVP and ingredients, plus foods such as snacks and ready-to-eat cereals.

Schenck Process engineers cutting-edge technologies and solutions across the bulk material handling spectrum, delivering unmatched precision and accuracy for dry powder pneumatic conveying, mixing, depositing, extruding, forming, milling, sifting, weighing and feeding. For plant safety a wide range of dust collection systems are also part of the product portfolio.

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