MPX19 Benchtop Twin-Screw Extruder

  • Features

    The MPX19 is a benchtop twin-screw powder coating extruder ideal for academic, laboratory and development work.

    Applications include examining process problems, extending product lines, and developing new processes.

    The MPX19 is also an ideal tool for companies moving from batch to continuous processing that need to establish the processing parameters necessary to match their existing product.

    Reliable scale-up to production outputs

    The MPX19 incorporates features that replicate Baker Perkins’ range of production scale extruders, ensuring reliable scale-up to their outputs. 

    The clam-shell barrel and segmented screw assemblies that are features of all Baker Perkins extruders enable different screw configurations, process settings and formulations to be tested and assessed quickly by stopping the machine and opening the barrel to view the state of material being processed.

    An electrically heated / water cooled barrel gives tight temperature control; a chill roll is included; and barrel lengths can vary from 15:1 to 40:1 L/D, with multiple process zones for a variety of applications.

    Adjusting and testing the formulation, process parameters and screw configurations are all uncomplicated. Automatic start-up and shut down minimize the time needed between runs.

    Industry 4.0 ready

    All Baker Perkins powder coating extruders are Industry 4.0 ready. Industry 4.0 harnesses data from all the machines, devices, sensors, and people in a manufacturing operation and enables them to communicate with each other via a local network or the Internet to make informed and timely decisions.

    Control system functionality matches that on production machines. There is a full recipe management system with a 50 formulation capacity, and full data logging.


    • Clamshell barrel for easy access and cleaning
    • Splined agitator shafts for increased reliability
    • Segmented screws allow ultimate flexibility for screw profile design
    • Electrically heated / water cooled barrel for accurate temperature control
    • PLC control with recipe management and data logging
    • Barrel lengths up to 40 L/D
    • Top and side feeders
    • Chill roll
    • Additional top and side feed ports
    • Alternative materials of construction are available
  • Dimensions & Performance

    Major Dimensions

    • Length: 1,200mm
    • Width: 600mm
    • Centreline Height: 400mm
    • Overall with Feeder: 1,000mm

    Performance and Engineering Data

    • Typical outputs: 5 - 25 Kg/hr (500 rpm)
    • Total connected Power: 2Kw @ 500 rpm
    • Maximum operating temperature: 200°C
    • Approximate Weight: 130Kg

    Optional Features / Equipment

    • Barrel lengths from 15:1 L/D up to 40:1 L/D
    • Barrel piping
    • Barrel cooling unit (stand alone)
    • Volumetric Feeder
    • Liquid injection pump
    • Die assembly
    • Product cutter
eSheet: Laboratory & Small Batch Extruders

eSheet: Laboratory & Small Batch Extruders

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Brochure: Industrial Extrusion

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