A winning combination in India

A winning combination in India

Baker Perkins systems are installed in India in association with Satara-based technical partner Triple Pee Solutions Pvt Ltd (3P) who combine locally sourced commodity equipment with Baker Perkins advanced technology, and add their own process expertise and support.

This partnership ensures maximum value for capital investment, provides the most efficient installation service, and guarantees availability of service and replacement parts. The scope of 3P’s work includes understanding the clients’ specific project needs, feasibility, running trials and training the staff for streamlined operations. The combination of 3P’s know-how and Baker Perkins’ technology provides a complete service.

Experience in India

Baker Perkins has been supplying extrusion equipment to customers in India for over 20 years; 3P is the partner for every application.

Recent successes include the sale of an extruder producing a range of food ingredients at up to 2,000kg/hr. Another system incorporates co-extrusion capability for cereal products, and past orders include a line that makes 250 kg/hour of high-quality snacks on a multi-shift basis.

Twin-Screw Extrusion – the most versatile, cost-effective process

Twin-screw extrusion is the most versatile process available to the food industry. If it is possible to make a product in an extruder, it is almost certainly the most cost-effective and compact way to make it. Extrusion is hygienic, energy efficient and adaptable: if a market changes, the extruder can easily be modified to enable manufacturers to respond quickly.

Baker Perkins was an innovator of the extrusion process. Constant innovation and development combined means that our twin-screw technology is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide range of first-class extruded foods and ingredients throughout the world. High quality engineering is backed by facilities to develop new products and processes.

Expanding product capability

Twin-screw extrusion is a rapidly expanding technology. Core ingredients for the food industry and TVP (Texturised Vegetable Protein) for meat substitutes have recently become significant applications:

TVP (Texturised Vegetable Protein)
TVP has been used as a meat substitute since the 1960s: now, in an age of environmental, climate and population crises, there is a surge of interest in plant-based eating. Baker Perkins has developed the twin-screw extrusion process to offer customers the ability to manufacture a range of different TVP products that suit their specific market.

Core food ingredients
There is increasing use of twin-screw extrusion to produce ingredients including breadcrumb, croutons, gluten-free bread products, modified and pre-gelatinised flours; rusk for sausage fillings; and ice cream inclusions. Extrusion is simpler and cheaper than conventional equipment.

Snacks and ready-to-eat cereals
Baker Perkins' twin-screw extrusion technology is at the heart of versatile systems producing a wide product range with unlimited shapes, textures, colours and flavours. Co-extrusion produces high-value centre-filled products with centre filling within a cereal outer.

The latest technology

Remote commissioning
Baker Perkins and 3P constantly invest in new technologies. Networked machines now allow equipment to be commissioned and started-up remotely by Baker Perkins engineers based at Peterborough: commissioning, start-up and training costs and time can all be significantly reduced as engineers do not have to leave Baker Perkins’ UK office.

Industry 4.0
Technology ensuring equipment is Industry 4.0 Ready is being fitted as standard to all new Baker Perkins machinery. Industry 4.0 harnesses data from all the machines, devices and sensors in any manufacturing operation and enables them to communicate with each other via the Internet to operators and autonomous systems make informed and timely decisions.

Innovation Centre
A key advantage of working with Baker Perkins is the Innovation Centre in the UK, with facilities to develop new products and processes, produce samples for test marketing, and conduct feasibility trials, all using Indian ingredients.

The Innovation Centre contains a wide range of production and laboratory scale equipment dedicated to extrusion. Customers are guaranteed total confidentiality, working with the help of Baker Perkins' experienced process technologists.

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